August 10, 2018

"Trusted wonderful ladies who have become my friends have done a  wonderful job cleaning regularly. It has helped my allergies immensely to have  regular cleaning. And I do trust them in my home. They put up with my dog's  fears and are always smiling, professional, and leave my house smelling clean. "
August 9, 2018

"Home Cleaners 4 You has been my regular home cleaning service for  some 15 years. They have NEVER failed to show up as scheduled. They do an  EXCELLENT job. They are as HONEST as can be. NOTHING has ever been.  When an item was accidentally broken, they left me a note and subtracted the  replacement cost from my next bill. THEY ARE GREAT AND HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED "
July 30, 2018

"I have a 2-story condo with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, and lots of  stairs. Maria's crew arrived promptly and went straight to work. They worked  professionally, efficiently, cleaned thoroughly, and were very nice and friendly  as well. The rates are very reasonable. I would definitely hire them again and  would highly recommend them to anyone for your house cleaning projects. "
May 11, 2018

"Great ! Maria is very accommodating , was able to work with my busy  work schedule . The  team is professional and friendly "
April 29, 2018

"They are very professional, little expensive than many other quotes I  have but we picked because they did both my home and office. The thing I  really like about them is they take feedback very well. Not getting defensive  and actually working to make customers happy and address in their concerns.  Overall very good experience so far. "