May 13, 2015

"Before the two cleaning women started cleaning, Maria, whom I  assume was their supervisor, came to my house and talk with me about what I  wanted done. We went through my house together and talked about what  would be done. Maria made notes on this and gave a copy of her notes to the  two women who would be cleaning. I was impressed with the approach Maria  took which showed in writing for the cleaning women what we agreed would  be done and made me feel like I would get the cleaning job I needed. The two  women who cleaned did a nice job, particularly with all the dust generated by  renovating. I also required that they use my vacuum cleaners due to the bed  bug epidemic that is rampant in the US at this time. They agreed to do so even  though they were not used to my vacuums which must have made their  cleaning harder. Even so, they were very pleasant and efficient. They even  finished before the alloted 8 hours were up despite all the dust they had to  deal with! I would definitely hire Home Cleaners 4 You again! "
January 25, 2015

"The cleaning specialists arrived with Maria, the company owner, to  assess the cleaning areas and to discuss with me the cleaning expectations in  the home. The process was very thorough and any special requests were  discussed during the initial meeting. Maria was highly responsive to all my  requests and provided her staff with the necessary information before she  departed.. I was very pleased with the quality of cleaning and thrilled with the  end result! A great company with great service! "
October 24, 2014

"Home Cleaners 4 You has been with our family since 2011. They offer  many affordable choices that are extremely convenient. We selected the  bi-monthly house cleaning. We have been so thrilled with their professionalism  and consistency. We feel as if they are part of our family. They have never  missed a date or been late in over 3 years. Their employees are always upbeat  and enthusiastic. They brighten our home with just a few chemicals. Thank you  home cleaners 4 you!!!! "
August 28, 2014

"​Home Cleaners 4 You has been cleaning our house every other week for about  nine months. We are very pleased with the quality of service, the punctuality, the  efficiency of the staff and the ease of communicating changes in schedule, additional  tasks, etc. Would definitely recommend them. "
July 8, 2013

"​I have used Home Cleaners 4 you for a several years on a bi-weekly  basis, and have and will continue to highly recommend them to people looking  for a cleaning service. Several of my friends and neighbors now also use them.  They have not only done a great job of cleaning my home, but I love the little  extra touches, like folding the paper towel end into a fan. They have also been  very professional, and accommodating when I have had to switch my cleaning  schedule around. They get here when they are scheduled. When I am here  and the maids come in, they have always knocked before entering, and are  polite and hard working. I look forward to a wonderfully clean smelling home  and consider this company one of the best. "